Friday, October 3, 2014

Some Things Arlo Has Learned From Noah

That when I pick up a stick, or a foam or plastic sword, the sound to make is "Hi-ya!" and then "Hi-ya! Hi-ya! Hi-ya!"

That when my brother asks me to give something to him that I am holding, I better hold on tightly to it because he may come after it anyway even if I say "No."

That sweets or treats left unattended or uneaten may not be there when I look back for them. In fact, they may even start disappearing while I am still eating them.

That big brothers are kind of the same thing as God, right now.

That when the big thing called the School Bus comes, Noah comes home so happy to see me!

That when Noah invites me to come under the covers with him, I might get tickled. So sometimes I will go, and sometimes not.

That he has power, but I do too. If he gets too close to my face, I can hit him in the head.

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